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Bamboo Products Are Getting Vanish From Kachua

Bamboo products are getting vanish from Kachua.Bamboo and cane are the main carriers of livelihood in the upazila. These bamboo and cane are currently the main carriers of their livelihood. But as the demand for various products made of bamboo and cane is declining day by day, it is not good for a few artisans involved in this industry. At present, it is not possible to bring these bamboo products from different parts of the country due to corona virus infection and lockdown. As a result, the skilled artisans have become unemployed.

However, with the passage of time, the special bamboo industry is no longer visible. The bamboo industry is under threat today due to corona virus infection hand and inadequate use of bamboo products. At present, there are 15 bamboo shops in Kachua upazila of Chandpur.

Meanwhile, Obaidul Hossain, director of Ceiling House in Kachua, and other artisans said that the bamboo industry is used to make various items including ‘jabar’, ‘ora’, ash, ceiling, saloon and digital ceiling. However, the bamboo industry is now on the verge of extinction. They are currently living a miserable life due to the corona virus.

Therefore, due to the corona virus, they are not able to import such products .Thus they are not getting any orders. In this way, the artisans are struggling. The artisans said that it would be possible to revive these bamboo industries with the patronage of the government.

Correspondent: Jisan Ahmed Nannu, June 29,2020