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Molehead Area Has Been Lock Down

The area has been locked down due to the huge increase in the number of tourists at the Molehead, the main tourist center of Chandpur city. On Sunday, the district administration officially declared a lockdown in the boro station area and the entrance was closed.

Chandpur Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) Mohammad Abdullah Al Mahmud Zaman said Chandpur district was locked down along with all other districts across the country when the corona infection started.

At that time, according to the central decision, the tourist area of ​​Chandpur district was also locked down like the tourist areas of the whole country. So that the common people cannot move freely in these places of tourism. So far, tourist spots across the country are closed.

Our main tourist spot in Chandpur is Molehead of Boro station. There we noticed that more people were walking here. Especially on Fridays and Saturdays of the week many people can be seen gathering. Therefore, this spot was locked down again on the instructions of Deputy Commissioner Md. Majedur Rahman Khan from Sunday.

“As the rate of corona infection in Chandpur is increasing day by day, we have an idea that corona infection may increase further due to such a large gathering,” he added.

So we announce this tourist area boro station molehead lockdown from today.

He further said, “We, the volunteers of Chandpur district administration, all together with journalists closed the three entrances of this area by installing bamboo poles. So that any car or motorcycle can pass through these entrances. This tourist area will remain locked down until the environment is normal and further instructions are given.”

Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) Mohammad Abdullah Al Mahmood Zaman distributed masks among those who did not have masks and warned them not to leave their home without masks.

Correspondent, June 29,2020