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Chandpur District Police Among Helpless With Food

Chandpur district police among the helpless with food.In the case of Corona, the Chandpur district police ran away with food and food without any weapons or sticks to ensure social distance. The police provided food aid to the families of at least 300 poor and needy people at Koralia Government Municipal Primary School grounds in the city on Monday morning,March 30.

The helpless families of Chandpur municipality are very happy to receive food assistance.

Earlier, the police had made 300 circle on social distance in the city’s Koralia Government Primary School grounds. But locals still did not know why some policemen were doing such a strange thing with sticks and weapons. In the morning after another such act, another party police appeared. Running around, they started to find out, there were families who were trapped in the coronavirus situation. What is their way of life now. Police found three hundred families in a two-hour effort. People who are in a lot of trouble and are living a better life.

This time they were called to stay in the circle created on the adjoining school grounds. At this time, the family members of the enlisted family came running out of the house. They are asked to stand while maintaining a safe social distance. Then each of them was handed over 5 kg minikit rice, 2 kg flour, one and half kg pulses, 2 liters of soybean oil, 2 kg potatoes, 2 antiseptic soap. Chandpur Police Superintendent Md. Mahbubur Rahman, PPM (Bar) distributes the goods regularly.

In this regard, the Superintendent of Police said, in the Coronavirus situation, there is only a slight attempt to stand beside poor people suffering from the police’s own financing. We are trying to be more humane this time with the mantra of Mujib Year, the police will be the people, with the observance of the cause of the suppression of evil. The police super said that people have to create positive ideas about the police, not negative ones.

He added that after a certain period of time, people try to get out of the house. We’re trying to get those people back home. However, it is the police working within humanitarian values. We are working on implanting the characteristics of the police and the people of the people. We will be successful in this regard, especially with the help of the media.

Among others, Additional Superintendent of Police Mizanur Rahman, Additional Superintendent of Police (Sadar Circle) Javed Parvez Chowdhury, Additional Police Super (Headquarters) Asaduzzaman, Chandpur Model Police Station Officer-in-Charge Md. Nasim Uddin and general secretary of Chandpur Press Club were present.

Staff Correspondent, March 30,2020