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Corona Vaccine Ready: Italian Research Team

Corona vaccine ready: Italian research team.A team of Italian researchers has claimed to have discovered the deadly coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine. The vaccine could prevent coronaviruses in human cells, the scientists said. Such news has been published by the media Independence.

The vaccine was tested at Lazarus Spalanjani, a specialized hospital for infectious diseases in Rome. The vaccine is administered to rats. Corona antibodies are then made in the body of the rats. Which is also expected to work in the human body.

The vaccine was developed by the Italian company Takis. “Among those working on a possible vaccine, Italy has made progress,” said Luigi Oricicio, the company’s chief executive.

“As far as we know, we are the first in the world to show that the vaccine can prevent coronavirus,” he told the Italian news agency Ansa.

He added: “Italian researchers have worked hard to develop this vaccine. It has been made with its own technology and will be tested in Italy. We will make this vaccine available to all. ”He also sought the cooperation of all national and international organizations and partners to achieve this goal quickly.

News Room,  May 07,2020