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Death Toll Is Rising At An Alarming Rate In India

Death toll is rising at an alarming rate in India.In India, the number of Corona fatalities has increased by 37 in the last one day; 12 thousand 380 people are affected. Already, out of 640 districts of the country 170 district has been identified as a hotspot for corona infection. Besides, 207 more districts have been identified as dangerous.

According to the NDTV report, the central government of India has directed all states to monitor corona infection to spread beyond those districts. In these districts not only corona is suspected, but if influenza or respiratory symptoms appear, coronas will be tested.

The central health ministry said hotspots will continue to impose restrictions on the hotspots for the next 28 days, as long as all patients are recovering or no new infections are stopped. The hotspots in the rural area will be 3 km. and the buffer zone (orange zone) will be 7 km in radius.

The ministry also said the state and district administration have to decide on the source of the infection. However, in urban areas, it has been reported that it is difficult to find out.

Besides, the states have been instructed to keep regular reports on coronary status in some areas where coronavirus infection is increasing. Based on this, the list of hotspots will be changed. It has been reported to be an ongoing procedure.

The lockdown period has been extended till May 03 to prevent corona infection in India, but the central government has decided to relax some of these restrictions in some areas. However, the Home Ministry has said that there is no possibility of mass transit starting till May 03.

Besides, any gatherings during lockdown are completely forbidden. However, the government has decided to keep some areas out of lockdown in areas where the virus was not spread.

However, the Modi government has also explicitly stated that the lockdown on Corona infected hotspots will be strictly banned and the administration will be strictly monitored.

News Room, April 16,2020