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43 lakh 74 thousand died in world so far in world

In last 24 hours Seven thousand 623 people have died in the last 24 hours. Four lakh 57 thousand 745 people have been newly infected. During this time four lakh 28 thousand 965 people have recovered. In the previous 24 hours, 8,792 people died in the world. Five lakh 64 thousand 745 people were infected.

The data was obtained from the international statistics-based website WorldoMeters on Monday, August 16.

According to the WorldoMeters, the number of corona cases in the world so far is 20 crore 79 lakh 80 thousand 414. Of these, 43 lakh 74 thousand 689 people died. 18 crore 64 lakh 44 thousand 813 people have already recovered.

The United States still has the highest rate of corona infections and deaths in the world. The number of people infected by corona in the country so far is three crore 74 lakh 66 thousand 718. Of these, six lakh 37 thousand 561 people died. However, three crore one lakh 53 thousand 576 people have already recovered.

News Room, August 16,2021