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World Bank Is Giving Bangladesh Tk. 860 Crore To Prevent Corona

The World Bank Is Giving Bangladesh Tk. 860 Crore To Prevent Corona .World Bank is giving 10 crore USD to Bangladesh on an urgent basis to combat deadly coronavirus. In the meantime, the company has approved the financing of Tk. 860 Crore in Bangladeshi currency for 86 Taka per dollar.

The information was released in a press release sent to the media from the Dhaka office of the World Bank on Saturday, April 04.

According to the press release, coronavirus (Covid-19) has become epidemic worldwide. Developed countries are also struggling to cope with the epidemic. The agency has approved the funding to prevent, identify and respond to epidemics and to address public health emergencies.

This approval through the COVID-19 Emergency Response and Epidemic Preparation Project. Corona is suspected and confirmed, case identification, management and treatment and the health benefits of Bangladesh will increase. Health facilities and laboratories will be improved. Coronary infection, at-risk populations, medical and emergency treatment, as well as public-private services will be ensured. Treatment and testing facilities and benefit those affected by the national health system.

The World Bank is working closely with the Bangladesh government to fight the spread of coronavirus, says Country Director of the World Bank for Bangladesh and Bhutan, Marcy Tembon. This project will help implement the national plan of Bangladesh to respond to the pandemic.

It will help bolster the country’s response by determining whether effective surveillance and diagnostic systems are in place and ensuring that hygiene, personal protective equipment, ventilators and detached units are available in the designated hospital.

The project (COVID-19) will equip designated laboratories with trained staff as well as diagnostic tools, test kits and agents. It is directing resources for rapid collection to accelerate the acquisition of critical items.

To cope with the increasing demand for medical assistance and services, the project will provide district-level health benefits. It will also rehabilitate selected Medical College Hospitals, Infectious Diseases Hospitals and others including Bangladesh Tropical and Infectious Diseases Institute.

It will help establish new wards and set up intensive care unit camps, personal protective equipment, medical equipment including ventilators, and deliver medicines to designated hospitals. The project will help improve water and sanitation systems in medical waste management and disposal and in prescribed health facilities.

To reduce the risk to patients and health workers, the project will help to create guidelines for medical and hospital infection control, training medical professionals and health workers. Further it will assist the government in designing and implementing behavioral change communication campaigns for social distance and improved health practices.

The project is funded by the World Bank Fund’s International Development Association (IDA) for the poorest countries through the World Bank Group’s COVID-19 Fast Track Facility.

News Room, April 04,2020