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Eat Some Sort Of Food At Sehri And Iftar At This Time

Eat some sort of food at Sehri and Iftar at this time.With the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, there is a drastic change in the schedule and ingredients of fasting. Most families eat three meals a day, iftar, dinner and sehri. Many eat again, skipping dinner. Again, many people can not give something in the face of sehri.Despite the variety of habits, everyone should maintain a fairly high calorie value for wellness. And this time in Ramadan, in addition to calories, you should also keep in mind the issue of taking disease-resistant food. As the coronavirus epidemic has taken shape across the country. So need some extra awareness in Ramadan to stay safe from this.The first step in coronavirus prevention is to build personal awareness and boost the body’s immune system. Any virus is a protein-containing microorganism.Which can cause fever, cough, shortness of breath and even severe pneumonia. So to increase the body’s resistance to disease, you need to eat more anti-oxidant rich food every day.Anti-oxidants are some vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Which fights against harmful free radicals in the body and helps the body prevent the risk of bacterial infections by protecting the body’s cells from damage.

News Room,April 24,2020