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not following health rules

Fined for not following health rules in Chandpur

In Chandpur, 11 people were fined for not following health rules. Officials of different levels of Chandpur district administration are working at the field level to implement the public notice issued by Anjana Khan Majlish, deputy commissioner of Chandpur, to implement the government’s directive to prevent corona.

Chandpur district administration executive magistrate Md Mehedi Hasan Manik conducted the mobile court at the city’s Hilsa Chattar, Hawkers Market, Kalibari junction and Boro Station Molhead on Saturday, April 10 from 12 noon to 2 pm.

A mobile court has fined 11 people Tk. 4,100 in 11 cases for disobeying health rules and conducting raids in different areas of Chandpur under the Road Transport Act.

One out of 11 people was fined Tk. 500 under the Transport Act. The Chandpur district administration also conducted a public awareness campaign at that time.

Executive Magistrate Md Mehedi Hasan Manik said, “Chandpur district administration is working to increase the awareness of the people to prevent coronavirus. We also penalize those who do not follow the hygiene rules. We are also distributing free masks.”

Ansar Battalion members provided overall support to the mobile court.

Correspondent: April 10,2021