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ICC Guidelines Should Be More Specific

Outbreaks of coronavirus have brought global sports to a standstill.

Meanwhile, Germany has returned to the field with caution. Team like England, Sri Lanka thinking of starting the cricket.

But Faf du Plessis has raised questions in the ICC guidelines. His question is, can you spit in your hand while fielding? That is his habit while slip fielding.

This time Shakib raised the question. According to him, the ICC guidelines should be more specific.

Shakib raised the question while talking to a news media, whether the batsmen on both sides can not go and talk while batting. Should the wicketkeeper stand away?

The ICC has given instructions on what cricket will be like next. The ball cannot be rubbed with spit. Practice in four steps. Wickets cannot be celebrated. The umpires have to take gloves. Towels, caps, jerseys, etc. cannot be given to them.

Shakib said, ‘Now we hear that corona can spread up to three or six or 12 feet from each other. Does that mean two batsmen can’t come close for consulting? They have to be on both ends. Will the wicketkeeper stand away during the spin? What will happen when fielding (slip) nearby. The ICC should also clarify these issues.’

He thinks the ICC may not decide to return to cricket until the situation returns to normal. Because life comes first.

Shakib said about his return to cricket, he is counting the days from two sides. When will Corona end and when will his ban end.

Even though there is no game now, Shakib is still thinking that if he returns to the game tomorrow, he will not be able to play.

News Room, May 25,2020