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Half Shutters Of Shops Open In Lockdown

Half of shutters of shops open in lockdown at Hajiganj. Authorities fined 11 businessmen.

A lockdown has been announced in Chandpur district to fight the Corona virus. The mobile court has fined Tk. 20,500 for violating the lockdown in Hajiganj.

Baishakhi Barua, Executive Magistrate and Upazila Executive Officer of the mobile court, fined the operation on Wednesday,April 15 from morning to noon.

Due to these penalties, most traders in the Hajiganj market have opened half a shutter of shops and sold goods. That is why a shopkeeper in the mobile court has to pa as fined of 2 to 4 thousand taka.

When asked about the people coming to the market, most people have come to the market to buy medicines at banks, hospitals, and so on. During his travels, the team of the best forces were with him.

UNO reported on its Facebook Wall that shopkeepers were selling to open half of
their shutters and selling goods . When police asked why you came to the market and they replied, the bank, in the hospital, to buy drugs.

Correspondent: Zahirul Islam Joy,April 15,2020