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Real Life Heroes Do This Kind Of Work

Real life heroes do this kind of work.Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi buys Mushfiqur Rahim’s historic bat for around Tk. 1.7 million.The name of the organization is ‘Shahid Afridi Foundation’.

Mushfiqur scored his first double century for Bangladesh with this bat against the host Sri Lanka in the Galle Test in 2013.

The winner of Mushfiqur’s bat auction was announced live on the Facebook page of the online platform ‘Sports for Life’. This ‘Mr. Dependable’ of Bangladesh announced the name of the winner of the auction by appearing live. He then posted a video message of Afridi on his Facebook page. Afridi praised the initiative, calling Mushfiqur a real-life hero.
In a video message, Afridi said, “Mushfiqur, what you are doing for the distressed people really deserves praise. This kind of work is done by the real life hero. Now is a very bad time, we need each other’s help at this time. I will always remember the love I received from Bangladesh. The whole of Pakistan and the Shahid Afridi Foundation want to buy your bat from Pakistan and be your partner in this war. Our prayers are with you. God willing, we will spend this difficult time and meet again on the cricket field. Thank you.”

News Room, May 16,2020