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Hilsa Production Is Increasing

Hilsa production is increasing.During the winter, hilsa has appeared in full swing with smiles on the faces of fishermen and fish traders. According to the officials of the fisheries department, various measures have been taken during the ban, due to various measures taken by the government. As a result, the production of hilsa has increased.

Dr Anisur Rahman, head of the Chandpur Elish Research Center, said that the Bay of Bengal is now full of hilsa. As the hilsa are high in the sea, they enter the river and are caught by fishermen. During the breeding season in October of each year, the hilsa is banned for 22 days. From March to May, five fishing hikes were banned in the Hilsa sanctuary, a ban on fishing in the sea for 65 days drawn from May 20 and an eight-month ban on fishing from November 01 to June 30. Due to these four steps, the river is more hilarious than usual.

Regarding the size of the hilsa, he said, “The hilsa lays eggs, but the egg lays around 80% of the egg. Because of the 22 day ban at that time, the mother hives safely lays eggs. And the day after the expiry of the first month of November, the ban on Jatka began with 8 month ban. The ban on fishing began in the march from the first march to the middle of the day when the jataka became medium-sized. Fishing is prohibited in the sea from May 20 to 65 days. For all these reasons, the Jatka Elish has the opportunity to travel safely from river to sea and from sea to river. The more the hilsa makes the jump, the bigger the size. ‘

Barisal Fisheries Officer Dr Bimalchandra Das said, “Hilsa is found all year round in the river. However, the main two seasons of Elisha are September – October and January – February. About a year and a half ago, a great deal of hilsa was available during the winter season. But in the past years, hilsa was not available due to excess fishing. ‘

The Barisal Divisional Office of the Fisheries Department said that in January this year, the river was in the district of the district in the district. Tons of hints have been found. Earlier, in recent years, a maximum of 19,591 MT. hilsa was found.

On January 2016. And on January 2017, 12 thousand 20 MT. On January 2018, 9,657 MT. On January 2019, 17,692 tone of hilsa was found in Barisal. The most hilarious is found in the rivers Barisal, Bhola and Patuakhali.

News Room,February 09,2020