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What Shariah says about Human Milk bank

What Shariah says about Human Milk bank.Today’s children will build a beautiful tomorrow. We will have a pure holy future only when today’s child is well developed. Unparalleled golden generation .And that is why Islam has asked to pay special attention to child care.

For the same reason, he urges parents to keep a close watch on his food. In this case the importance of breast milk is immense.Quran said, ‘Mothers will breastfeed their children for two full years’ (Surah Bakara, 233).

The Qur’an also states that the mother conceives her child and hurts her. She was then weaned in two years (Surah Luqman, 14). Surah Ahakaf says that the baby’s gestation period, it takes thirty months to conceive and to wean her baby (Surah Ahakaf, 15).

Breast milk is a God-given nutrient rich in nutrients needed for the baby, which the baby can easily digest and the baby’s body easily absorbs the body. Today, fourteen years ago, Islam declared the importance of medical marijuana giving to children today.

Recently, the ‘Human Milk Bank’ has been established for the conservation of mother-in-law. The basic purpose of the mother is to make it easier for the baby to breastfeed in case the baby is underweight or the mother is not getting enough milk at birth. They claim that many of the baby’s mother dies at birth, leaving many parents abandoned. It is difficult for them to provide mother-in-law.

Many of the baby’s milk is excess, which is wasted. Milk Bank was born to mediate between the two parties. However, the International Milk Banking Initiative (OGO) began its journey at an international congress in Washington on the 21st.

Every human being has a natural tendency towards a newborn baby. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “You love the children and show kindness to them (Bukhari and Muslim). Islam considers breastfeeding one’s own baby as well as breastfeeding another’s baby. At the birth of the Prophet (peace be upon him), the culture of the Arabs was to be sent away for dairy.

As a result, Halimatus Sadia came from Taif and accepted the Prophet (peace be upon him) and received the honor of being his milkman. Islam has given so much respect to the milkman’s relationship that the husband and wife, grandchildren and grandchildren gave their dignity to the family by keeping the mother-in-law in the seat of the veil and marriage, and the marriage was forbidden.

Today’s Human Milk Bank has to think about the process of breaking this sacred relationship with Islam. What Milk Bank is doing is storing the milk of different mothers together, so that those who need it can easily get the milk they need for their babies. The whole thing is a donation.

According to the Shariah law, many mothers ‘family relationships with a child can be established because milk is not prescribed, and in the future, marriage for those mothers’ children and siblings will be prohibited.

The International Islamic Fiqh Academy has discussed in detail that it is not permissible to set up a Milk Bank and get milk for the baby. But the same thing said. Some scholars, including Yusuf Karayavi, called it conditionally justified.

Warming is one of the most important aspects of a mother-baby relationship. Human Milk bank can’t afford that. Because it’s not possible. There is a need to try, how to bring part-time dairy mothers to babies and to those mothers part-time newborns. Creating a platform through these two-way communication can be an extraordinary task.

Author: Head of the Provincial Department (Hadith), Al Fatah Publications.