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What To Do If Someone Is Ill At Home During This Time

What to do if someone is ill at home during this time.The number of coronavirus-infected patients is increasing day by day in the country. So now is the time to be careful about avoiding infection. But in the meantime, if anyone has a fever or sore throat, cough, then many are worried about what to do. Whether someone is ill at home, whether or not they get corona infection, now the first and foremost task is to isolate the sick person above all. But how to do it? Let’s know about the rules.

1. The sick person must be kept in a room that no one else will use.Having a separate toilet with that room is great. The room will remain closed for the rest of the time except for food and other necessary supplies. You need to move away, leaving the necessary food and things at the door. The victim will open the door and collect it.

2. In many cases, it may not be possible to arrange a separate house in our country. In some cases many people live in one or two houses. In such a situation, everyone should be at least 3 feet or 1 meters away from the illness. The person serving does not stay close to the sick person for more than 15 minutes continuously.

3. Patient accessories, clothes and towels should be removed. The affected person will clean himself and wash with detergent for at least 30 minutes during cleaning. It is best to use gloves when cleaning.

4. The patient and everyone in the room will use the mask.

5. If a separate toilet cannot be arranged, the patient will wash himself with toilet disinfectant after use, close the lid of the commode and flash. And then continue the exhaust fan of the toilet. Others will use the toilet at least 5 minutes after the patient’s use.

6. The victim must cover the nose and mouth with tissue while inhaling and wipe all their waste in a polythene bag. The polythene bag will close its mouth daily and keep itself out of the room. Others will use the gloves when putting the bag in the bucket of dirt and wash their hands after touching it.

7. The hand should be washed with soap and water before attending to the injured person. You need to attend as much as possible.

If there is not enough room in the house or if there are more family members or family members at risk, the fever patient can be taken to a government-assigned isolation center. If the patient is at home, contact the physician by telephone and arrange for symptoms accordingly.

Author: Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Green Life Medical College