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Today Is The Historic Mujibnagar Day

Today is April 17, the historic ‘Mujibnagar’ Day. A unique day in the history of the Liberation War and the War of Liberation.

In 1971, during the War of Liberation, the first Provisional Government of Independent Bangladesh was officially sworn in at ‘Amrakanan’ in Vaidyanathala village in Meherpur on this day.

Later, the Vaidyanathala was named as Mujibnagar.

With the successful leadership of the ‘Mujibnagar’ government, Bangladesh became independent on 16th December,1971 through a nine-month armed liberation war.

Every year, the day is celebrated in various ways. But this day has come in an unprecedented crisis.

Coronavirus causing panic around the world is forcing Bengalis to stay home too. The government has banned meetings on various occasions to prevent the spread of corona infection.

General holidays are underway from March 26 across the country. The holiday has been extended until April 25.

In the meantime, the great Independence Day and Bengali New Year have been celebrated in the house. This is the continuation of the ‘Mujibnagar’ Day at home.

Bangladesh was formally declared as a sovereign People’s Republic on April 10 of the same year, after Pakistani invaders launched a brutal attack on unarmed Bengalis at midnight on March 25,1971.

The declaration strongly supported and approved the declaration of independence of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on March 26. Until the constitution was drafted, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was declared the President of the Republic and Syed Nazrul Islam was the Vice President.

Tajuddin Ahmed was appointed as the Prime Minister of the Provisional Government, Captain Muhammad Mansur Ali as the Finance Minister and AHM Kamruzzaman as the Minister of Home Affairs, Relief and Rehabilitation. General Ataul Ghoni Osmani was appointed commander in chief of the Provisional Government and Major General Abdur Rab Chief of Staff.

The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh was established by formally taking oath in ‘Mujibnagar’ on the morning of April 17. The next day, news of the government’s swearing in newspapers of the country and abroad was given special importance.

Awami League general secretary and road transport and bridge minister Obaidul Quader have called for celebrating the day at home due to coronavirus.

In a statement on Thursday, he urged the countrymen, including the Awami League leaders, to extend their warm greetings and gratitude to all the doctors, nurses and health workers who have been serving their lives in the fight against Corona resistance.

Obaidul Quader said that adhering to social distance and hygiene is the only good way to avoid any lethal coronavirus or any cure.

He said that during the Great War, the Bengali nation, under the leadership of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, built a fortress of freedom from house to house. Similarly, if we can build awareness forts in our homes, then we will win if the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina leads the fight against coronavirus. With the united efforts of all the people of Bangladesh, under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, we will be able to control and prevent coronavirus infection.

In a message on the occasion, Minister of Liberation War AA Mozammel Haque said that the education and consciousness of the historic ‘Mujibnagar’ Day will inspire and energize the Bengali nation from generation to generation. Holding the education of Mujibnagar Day at the heart, he was urged by all to fulfill their respective responsibilities in building the ‘Sonar Bangla’ of Bangabandhu under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

News Room, April 17,2020