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Increase In Prices Of Essential Commodities In Faridganj

Increase in prices of essential commodities in Faridganj: The common people are suffering.The whole world stops at the outbreak of Corona. Despite the administration being active in market monitoring in Faridganj, the general public is facing dire criticism as the prices of essential commodities have increased dramatically, and the administration has been sharply criticizing the various activities.

In the land market, it is seen that the government has a high level directive to keep the prices of essential commodities normal. Traders in all the markets including Gurdalkindia, Rupsa, Chandra, Gazipur, Munsirhat, one of the traditional upazilas of Faridganj Bazar, have been selling their products at double prices due to the artificial crisis of essential commodities. This activity of businessmen sitting at the nose of the administration has been raging intense criticism in public. The price of rice per batch has increased from Tk. 600-1000. Onions per kg. increased by 20-25 tk., potatoes 8-10 tk., garlic 20-35 tk., lentils pulses 30-40 tk.

Traders said that prices of almost all the essential commodities including lentils, pulses and soybean oils have increased. However, the announcement of huge food reserves by the government, did not find any similarity after the market was visited.

A buyer in the market said, “Due to the unitary corona virus, we, the hungry people cannot get out of the house, we have no income. Within a few days after Ramadan comes and the way the prices of essential commodities have risen, we the poor should die without eating.

Aware citizen said that the administration’s silent role is questioning the government’s progress.

Regarding the reason for the increase in prices of commodities,Messrs Kabir Hossain, the president of Master Traders, said, “Due to the high prices of all essential commodities including rice, pulses, we are selling at higher prices.

Bismillah Traders’ manager Habibur Rahman said, “We sold onions last week for 35 taka, and now we are selling from 55 to 60 taka.”

When asked if there was any reason for the increase in prices, he said that there was no reason for the goods, there was no crisis in transportation. We are buying at higher prices and so selling at higher prices.

UNO Shuli Hari said, “We are investigating the reasons why prices of essential commodities have gone up and we can communicate with the traders.”

If anyone raises unnecessary prices, the law will be taken against them.

Correspondent: Shimul Hasan, April 19,2020