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Juventus On The Way To Win The Title Of Ronaldo’s Goals

Juventus on the way to the title of Ronaldo’s goals.Juventus fell twice against the great Atlanta. Cristiano Ronaldo returned the team with a goal twice. Atlanta had nothing to do with Juventus’ two penalties. However, Ronaldo did not make any mistake. He has scored 28 goals in 28 matches in Serie A with two perfect penalties, 11 of which came from spot kicks. And after the third consecutive defeat of Lazio, Juventus is one step ahead on the way to the ninth consecutive title. With 6 matches left in Serie A, Juventus are 8 points ahead from Lazio.Juventus points are 76. And Atlanta’s points are 67.

The Serie A title clash is almost over, but the Juventus-Atlanta match has provided the material for the debate. Juventus got two penalties in 55 and 90 minutes. For the first time, Paulo Dibala’s cross from just outside the box went into the hands of Day Ron. The next time substitute Gonzalo Higuain hit the ball high, Luis Muriel took the ball. Twice, however, two Atlanta players turned up. Their hands were wide outside their bodies. According to the rules, Juventus will get a penalty for handball, whether intentional or unintentional. Twice the referee himself witnessed the incident from a nearby place, blowing the penalty whistle himself. The team of Gian Piero Gasparini, who has been playing great all the time in Turin, may feel miserable at the end of the day.

Atlanta came to play for Juventus after winning 9 matches in a row in Serie A. No team has scored more goals in Serie A this season. They had 20 more goals than Juventus at the top of the points table. And with a low-budget team, Gasparini’s team has long been respected in Italy. So Juventus knew that the match against Atlanta would be easy.

In the 16th minute of the match, Atalanta really got ahead of the fears of the Bianconeri. Alejandro Gomez entered the attacking third of Juventus with the ball, then took a great turn to increase the pass to Duvan Zapata. Zapata did not make a mistake from inside the box. He led the team to the 15th goal of the season.

Juventus were much faded in the first half in front of Atlanta. Paulo DiBalla, Matthias de Litra returned to the XI. However, Juventus’ edge was not seen in the attack before the second half. After the break, however, Ronaldo was scoring for the goal. Dibala took the first penalty when he put pressure on Atalanta.

Ronaldo once again succeeded from the spot kick without giving any chance to the Atlanta goalkeeper, then Juventus also returned to the match. After that, however, Juventus was not giving Atalanta much opportunity. Ronaldo could have put Juventus ahead. He made a great shot to control the ball from Juan Cuadrado’s pass, but Ronaldo got stuck near Atlanta goalkeeper Golini.

Atlanta then disappointed Juventus once again. Muriel passed to Ruslan Malinowski from the left edge. He entered the box with a powerful shot from the right foot, wrapped the ball in the bottom corner and led Atlanta again with 10 minutes left.

Mauricio Sari, however, had already replaced Alex Sandro and Gonzalo Higuain as substitutes. After Sandro landed, Juventus’ attack increased a bit on the left. However, in the end the match was settled on another penalty.

The source of Juventus’ last penalty was a corner. Ronaldo, of course, realized that corner. He took a great free kick from more than 25 yards. When Atalanta hits the defender, the ball goes out. From there, Higuain later took the second penalty. Ronaldo disappointed Golin with a low shot once again in the second half.

The Portuguese scored in the fifth match in a row. He also broke a record with a pair of goals from Turin. Argentine legend Omar Sivori has scored 27 goals in his last season in Serie A, wearing a Juventus jersey. After his record in the 1960-61 season, no other player has scored so many goals for Juventus in the league. At the age of 35, Ronaldo did just that. And the Bianconeri are already getting the fragrance of the ninth consecutive title by relying on the irresistible Ronaldo.

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