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Kit Was Handed Over By Public Health center

The kit was handed over by the public health center, there was no one from the government.The coronavirus test kit ‘GR Covid-19.blot’ has been handed over by the Public Health Center. The kit was handed over to Dhanmondi Public Health City Hospital at around 11 am on Saturday, April 25.

However, despite the invitation, no government agency went to the public health center to receive the kit, except for the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

As a result, the kit could not be given to the health department as there was no representative.

During the handing over of the kit, the founder and trustee of the Public Health Center Jafrullah Chowdhury said, “We were confirmed by the CDC to come, only they have come. We will give CDC. We will officially deliver the rest to everyone’s office tomorrow. We’re sorry, I can’t hand it over to you. ”

Jafrullah Chowdhury lamented, ‘The Director General of Drug Administration (DG) has informed me that they will not be able to come today.I don’t know why they couldn’t come today. We also requested the Minister (Health Minister) to come to the event three days ago. Didn’t get an answer. The minister is now a very busy man. Maybe. There is a lot of busyness for no reason, maybe there is a matter of transaction.’

‘We also invited the Army Pathology Laboratory’, he added.

‘They can’t come because they didn’t get permission. The chairman of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BMSU) called and informed me.’

Asked about this, Jafrullah Chowdhury said, “Although the chairman of BSMMU could not come, their representative was present.”

‘CDC representatives were also present. And no one else could or did not come. And looking at the face of the government, the World Health Organization (WHO) did not come.’

News Room, April 25,2020