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Messi Is Severing Ties With Barcelona!

Messi is severing ties with Barcelona!Lionel Messi is not in any kind of talks with Barcelona to renew his contract. Instead of negotiating a new contract, the Argentine football magician is preparing to leave the Catalan giants. Such rumors have spread in the Spanish media.

In 2017, 33-year-old football superstar Messi signed a four-year contract with Nou Camp. That deal will expire next summer. Exactly 12 months from now. According to one of the terms of the agreement, if he wishes, he can sever his long-term relationship with Barca at the end of his term.

However, the news is that Barca is optimistic about keeping the football superstar Messi in the team. Confidence of the Spanish giants, Messi will sign a new contract with them. And stay in the new camp.

Barca wants to sign a new one-year contract with Messi. There will be an opportunity to extend the contract for one more year. So that this megastar can stay in Blaugrana till his 36th birthday in 2023.

Earlier, Messi had disagreements with club officials on various issues. Especially during the lockdown, he got angry with the club for spreading negative news against the footballers regarding salary cuts. Besides, various news spread through social media blaming the footballers for the poor performance of the club.

His relationship with coach Quique Setién is not going very well. On top of that, Barca is 4 points behind in the fight to win the La Liga trophy. All in all, Messi is not in a good mood. So Messi has started thinking about leaving the club.

News Room, july 03,2020