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Middle Class Families Are Not Alright In Corona Situation

Middle class families of Chandpur are not alright in Corona situation.The lower middle class families of Chandpur are not well in the situation of epidemic corona virus. That is why the families of the victims are somehow living with the pain of not being able to say the unspoken words to anyone.

Due to the ongoing catastrophe, almost every person in the country is under house arrest in one way or another. At this time, the ordinary helpless and miserable families are living in extreme misery even if they get help from the government and the private sector.

Because of, they are not able to ask for anything from anyone, and on the other hand, they are not able to accept the current situation in any way.

As a result, middle class families have to live in extreme crisis. The holy month of Ramadan has already begun. And the price of every commodity in the market is skyrocketing during this Ramadan. Therefore, on the one hand, the middle class families who are deprived of all kinds of help are not able to buy even the basic necessities as the prices of daily necessities are out of purchasing power in the market. Big challenge for the middle class.

Meanwhile, the party people are given more priority in the distribution of food aid provided by the government through the local people’s representatives. As a result, many rich people also get these food aid because of the party.

The food aid provided by the rich in each area also shows that food aid is given to the ordinary and helpless families of the society. As a result, the middle class has to be on this list and in the exclusion register. In short, this is the most difficult and painful time for the middle class.

Meanwhile, in the ongoing crisis, there is no coordination between public and private food aid providers. Another major problem is that uncoordinated food aid shows which families receive food aid at the same time as public and private food recipients. Not cooperating.

Therefore, it is very important to provide these food aid through a proper plan. However, in this crisis of the country, it is very important for the responsible people to pay attention to the poor and helpless people of the society as well as the middle class.

Correspondent: Kabir Hossain Mizi, April 26,2020