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Jackfruit Is Adorning Trees Of Chandpur District

Jackfruit is adorning the trees of Chandpur district.The national fruit jackfruit is adorning the trees in different parts of Chandpur district. However, traders said that even if jackfruit does not rise in the local market, buying and selling will start within the next one month.

As the demand for jackfruit in Chandpur is quite good, there is a good supply of sweet juices and flavors from Chandpur and surrounding districts. So the local demand is met and supplied to the whole district.

Meanwhile, the agriculture office said that the condition of jackfruit will be good if there is no natural calamity. Going to different unions of Chandpur Sadar, it has been seen that jackfruit is getting decorated in the trees. Among the villages, there are innumerable jackfruit trees in the open space, on the banks of ponds, along the roadsides and in the backyards. The nutritious national fruit jackfruit is adorned from the root to the tip of each tree.

One tree bears about 20-40 jackfruits. It is as if it has been arranged with a kind of nature. After a month, the market will be filled with the aroma of enticing jackfruit fruit. Jackfruit is a popular summer fruit. Everyone, big or small, likes to eat jackfruit. Apart from eating ripe jackfruit, it has been appreciated by people for ages as a favorite fruit and vegetable. Jackfruit seeds are a food rich in protein and nutritious. Raw and ripe jackfruit seeds can be cooked with meat and vegetables. Moreover, jackfruit bark is used as high quality cattle feed.

Chandpur city Bishnodi Madrasa Road area resident Ismail Hossain Gazi said he has a jackfruit tree in the open space near the house. Each tree has 20-30 jackfruits. It will take about a month for the jackfruit to mature. However, this time the number of jackfruits on the tree is less than other years.

District Agriculture Officer Abdur Rashid said farmers can cultivate jackfruit in Chandpur if they want. There is such land here. As jackfruit is sweet and juicy, it is also appreciated. So I hope the farmers will benefit by cultivating jackfruit. He added that the garden owners do not have to spend much for the production of this fruit.

Correspondent: Shariful Islam, April 26,2020