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Munna’s Jersey Sold For 5 Lakh And 10 Thousand

Munna’s jersey sold for 5 lakh and 10 thousand.His wife Yasmin Monem Survi auctioned off the jersey of Bangladesh football legend Monem Munna to help the helpless due to coronavirus. Munna’s jersey was auctioned off from the Facebook page ‘Auction for Action’.The late Munna’s wife Survi was also present live. Munna’s two jerseys were sold at auction for 5 lakh and 10 thousand taka.

Munna played for the Bangladesh Red team, which won the President’s Gold Cup in Dhaka in 1989. The jersey that Munna wore in that event was auctioned off. He played after the number 2 jersey. The base price of the jersey was set at Tk. 2 lakh. The jersey was sold at auction for 3 lakh taka. Bought by an organization.

Munna, who played for the national team with his favorite club Abahani Limited, also sold a jersey at the auction. At first, Abahani’s jersey was not put up for auction, but Mahbubur Rahman, CEO of HSBC Bank, bought the jersey for Tk. 210,000 by contacting the auctioneer directly. The entire proceeds from the sale of the two jerseys will be donated to co-operative people in Corona.

Munna died of kidney disease on February 12, 2005 at the age of 38. After Munna’s death, his wife Survi kept eight jerseys and a pair of boots. She was living her life keeping the memory of Munna. However, in this crisis of the country, Survi auctioned Munna’s jersey to help the helpless and distressed people.

However, if Munna had survived, he would have done more for the country.’In fact, what I am doing is very little. If Munna had survived, he would have done more than that’, Survi said .

Survi also said how she took the initiative to auction the jersey, ‘A person told me through messenger that Munna’s jersey can be auctioned. The money received from there will be used to help the helpless. Then I thought, I can benefit the people of the country, but I would like it too. That is why such an initiative was taken.

The favorite bat of Bangladesh cricket star Shakib Al Hasan was also auctioned through a Facebook page called ‘Action for Action’. It is sold for 20 lakh taka.

‘The legendary footballer of Bangladesh Munna’s jersey was kept very carefully.I kept Munna’s jersey very carefully. I want my husband Munna to be respected. The entire money from the sale of jerseys will be paid to help the needy’, added Survi.

News Room, May 11,2020