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Mushfiqur’s Bat Sold For Tk. 17 Lakh

Mushfiqur’s bat sold for Tk. 17 Lakh.After many dramas, the auction of Mushfiqur Rahim’s historic bat finally came to an end. In the end, the man who bought Mushfiqur’s bat is himself a superstar. Former Pakistan superstar Shahid Afridi. Mushfiqur’s best friend Tamim Iqbal has mediated the auction of the bat with Afridi.

The former Pakistan all-rounder bought Mushfiqur’s bat for 20,000 us dolar at an auction. In Bangladeshi currency which is about 17 lakh taka. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, Afridi has been carrying out many relief activities in different parts of Pakistan through his foundation. He also bought this bat through his foundation. Mushfiqur played a 200-run innings against Sri Lanka in 2013 with this bat.

After the bat was sold at auction on Friday night, Mushfiqur said, “I have been a big fan of Afridi for a long time. I played in same team in BPL, I played in the opposite team. We have a lot of good memories with him. There was also talk of playing in the PSL. There is a good understanding both of us. His foundation has been working for a long time. Even in the case of coronavirus, he has been carrying out relief activities in various places including Pakistan. I am honored that such a great personality has helped me. I will try to send as much money as possible through various sources as soon as possible so that it can be used for people. We are trying our best. I hope everyone who is able will stand by the people.

Witnessing an extraordinary history of Bangladesh cricket, this bat will now be adorned in Shahid Afridi’s house. However, some unscrupulous people caused trouble by making fake bids in the online auction which started last Saturday. Insulting them, ‘Mr. Dependable ‘said,’ I want to condemn those who have made fake bids for such a great work.

News Room,May 16,2020