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Some tips to overcome constipation

If any problem is caught at an early stage, its solution is easy. But when it is late, more complications arise. Constipation may seem like a very common problem to you at first. You can also avoid it. But later it may be the cause of great suffering. Your habit is enough to keep this problem away. At the root of Constipation is wrong eating habits. Many people like to eat delicious fried food instead of vegetables, even drinking water is not enough. So proper eating habits must be followed. Some tips should be followed to overcome constipation-

It is important to drink 3-3.5 liters of water a day.

Put more than one vegetable in your daily diet. Eat all kinds of seasonal vegetables.

Try to keep all kinds of vegetables for lunch. Not too much, eat in moderation. This will help soften the stool.Pumpkin, gourd should be eaten.

Cucumber,Bananas, guavas, lemons, mangoes, jams and most fruits have fiber. It is better to eat 3-4 fruits a day.

Do not sit for a long time and pressure to defecate, it increases the problem.

Quit smoking. Alcohol also increases the problem. Avoid alcohol.

Grill cannot be eaten. Don’t eat grilled meat .

Eating flour increases the problem. So flour-based foods should be avoided as much as possible. Instead, you can eat oats.

News Room, September 19,2020