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Prarthana Fardin Dighi

Prarthana Fardin Dighi will interact with the audience

Prarthana Fardin Dighi got ‘starring’ in acting as a child actor. Dighi’s presence in the films of Kabululiwala, aunt, grandmother, wife of 5 rupees, stupid child was appreciative to the audience of all classes. Despite being away from the film for a few years, Dighi’s popularity has not diminished.

What is Dighi doing now, will he return to the film, will he be seen as a heroine? Many such questions are wandering in the minds of Dighi fans.
Dighi will answer these questions himself. There will also be a chance to have a live chat with Dighi.

Dighey said the call should be made by calling any Robi or Airtel number at 2222 on Thursday (January 5) at 9 pm.

In a video message, Dighi said, “I have a wonderful opportunity to talk directly with you. I will be in the Star Zone service at 5pm on January 5th just to chat with you. Don’t forget to listen to me on Star Zone service. I’ll be waiting for you. ‘

In addition to Digi, Robi and Live Entertainment are offering the opportunity to talk directly to the stars on a regular basis over the phone.

Tamjid ul Alam Atul is the chief advisor to the Star Zone program and Md. Mehdi Hasan Sohag is directing the episode.

Contextual Prarthana Fardin Dighi is a Bangladeshi film actress and model. She won Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Child Artist three times for the films Kabuliwala (2006), Ek Takar Bou (2008), Chachchu Amar Chachchu (2010).[3] She is best known around the country for her career as a child actress. ‍She is popularly known as Dighi.

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