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10 fishermen detained in rescue operation in Chandpur

7 boats seized, 10 fishermen detained in rescue operation in Chandpur. In a special operation of the Coast Guard in Chandpur, 10 fishermen have been arrested while fishing.

The operation was carried out on the Meghna River on Wednesday, March 24 in the afternoon, under the command of Chandpur Coast Guard Station Commander Lieutenant Nurul Anwar Nahid and Asaduzzaman.

Ten fishermen were detained and seven boats were seized while fishing.

The arrested fishermen were fined Tk. 5,000 by a mobile court and released due to their underage age.

Besides, Executive Magistrate Md. Ujjal Hossain also sentenced Mana Mallick and Salman Sheikh to one month imprisonment.

On the last day of the last three days of special operations of the Coast Guard, they were able to conduct a successful operation in the Meghna River and arrest them. Fisheries Officer Mohammad Kamrul Hasan was present at the time.

In this regard, the commander of the Coast Guard station, Lieutenant Nurul Anwar Nahid, said that the Coast Guard is working relentlessly to stop the killing of Jatka.

The Coast Guard continues to operate day and night to prevent fishermen from entering the river.

Legal action will be taken against those who disobey the law.

Regarding the raid, Executive Magistrate Mohammad Ujjal Hossain said ten fishermen were detained while fishing during the raid, six of whom were fined and two were jailed for one month. The operation was conducted with the help of Executive Magistrate Fisheries Officer and members of the Coast Guard.

Correspondent: Kobir Hossain Mizi, March 24,2021