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Venezuela lost to Brazil

Venezuela lost to Brazil without Neymar

Neymar, one of the forwards of the team, was not in the important match due to injury. Corona did not have a few more star players in the regular XI. Brazil did not shine as expected. The five-time world champions have left the field with a win against Venezuela.

Brazil defeated Venezuela 1-0 in the match held on Saturday morning during Bangladesh time. Tito’s team could not use the opportunity to increase the gap more than once in the match. Roberto Firmino scored the only winning goal for the team.

With this victory, Brazil has returned to the top of the table in the South American World Cup qualifiers. They are at the top with 9 points after winning three of the three matches. On the other hand, Argentina is in the second place with 6 points after playing two matches and drawing one. Ecuador has three with six points. Four are Uruguay, five are Paraguay and six are Chile.

Brazil could not find a solution in the finishing despite keeping the ball in their possession for 84 percent of the match. Apart from Philippe Coutinho and Fabinio, Brazil was not in a familiar rhythm. They took 11 shots in the whole 90 minutes. There were three of them to reach the target, but Brazil reached the net in one. Venezuela, on the other hand, attacked four times and failed four times.

The first half of the match ended in a goalless draw. Shortly after the break, relief returned to the Brazil camp. In the 7th minute, Firmino took the ball extended by the opponent’s player from the right side. The Liverpool star then found the address with a great shot from the right foot.

Then Firmino got another chance at the end. The Liverpool star’s shot in the 6th minute went over the goal post. After that, the five-time world champions left the field with a 1-0 victory if no more goals were scored.

In their next match, Brazil will face Uruguay on Wednesday morning during Bangladesh time.

News Room, November 14,2020