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In Chandpur Smiley Face To Farmers At Bumper Production Of Maize

Smiley face to farmers at the bumper production of Chandpur maize.Due to the corona, the work of people of different professions in urban and rural areas has been interrupted or the work has been reduced a little, but the hand of the farmers has not stopped. They are spending their time working by cultivating any crop. The maize farmers of Chandpur do not stop even in such a situation in Corona.

They are busy collecting corn by cutting and threshing it. Farmers of different upazila and different villages of Chandpur have resorted to maize cultivation as it is more profitable than other crops.

Over the last few days, several farmers including Ghoradhari, Dighaldi, Arang Bazar and Qazli Hall areas of Matlab South Upazila of Chandpur have been passing busy time to collect maize.

It has been learned that bumper crop of maize has been harvested in almost all places of Chandpur including that upazila. Talking to some farmers, they said that the maize which is of a slightly better quality sells for Tk.750 to 800 per quintal.

And the corn which is a little lower in terms of quality is sold at Tk. 600 to Tk. 650 or Tk. 700 per quintal. Maize is well priced in the local market and is in high demand. So this time the bumper crop of maize has brought smiles on the faces of the maize farmers here.

Correspondent: Kabir Hossain Mizi, June 29,2020