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Probably La Liga Is Going To Start From June 08

Probably La Liga is going to start from June 08. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez gave the green light to La Liga Federation in a statement on Saturday.

La Liga was suspended in Spain on March 12 for the COVID-19 infection. Since then many storms have swept over this country. At one time, the number of victims was increasing in this country, surpassing almost all the countries in the world. Various La Liga clubs have started training again in the under-10 team from this week.

However, a few days ago, La Liga president Javier Tevez said that the Spanish league could start on June 12. However, Tebas is very happy to get the news of the new day. “We are happy with the decision. However, there is no waiver on caution. There is no harm in the high five. Players need to be very careful during the game,” he said.

The Prime Minister further said that from June 08, some more activities like football will be allowed to be launched in Spain. However, as the lockdown in Sanchez’s country has already eased, life has returned to normal.

“Spain did what needed to be done and now a new horizon has opened up for everyone,” Sanchez said.

The time has come to return to daily activities and make public life as normal as before.

“I will return to La Liga on June 07,” he said.

However, the league authorities have not yet officially announced the launch of ‘La Liga’. Authorities have not made an official announcement about La Liga from June 08.

According to several local Spanish media reports, the first match of La Liga will be played between Sevilla and Real Betis.

News Room, June 06,2020