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Production Target Of Aman In Chandpur Is 20,000 MT Of Rice

The production target of aman in Chandpur is 20,000 MT of rice.Chandpur is one of the major riverine agricultural areas of the country. The rivers are Meghna, Padma, Dhanagoda and Dakatia flow through the district and produce a large crop in the river basin for agricultural production.Aman is also cultivated and produced in the areas adjacent to the river banks. Aman’s place in Chandpur is after Erie-Boro and Ayush.

According to sources in the Department of Agriculture Extension, Farm House, Chandpur, the production target for 20,200 sown rice in Chandpur (2019-2020) has been set and the target for cultivation is 16,450 hectares. Especially in the char areas of Chandpur, the farmers cultivate and produce widely aman. But due to the river bank, the farmers of the char areas are not getting agricultural loans.

There are Charliyot of Matlab, Char Qasim, Sabji Kandi, Zahirabad, Sashtkhand Borochar, Rajrajeswar of Chandpur Sadar, Jahajmara, Lagnimara, Banshgari, Chirarchar, Fatejangpur, Ishanbala of Haimchar, Madhyachar, Shaheb-bazar, Baburchar.

According to the information received, the target for cultivation of local variety aman in Chandpur Sadar is 300 hectares, in the north it is 105 hectares, in the south it is 1,045 hectares, in Hajiganj it is 1,070 hectares, in Shahrashti it is 4,550 hectares. Hectare, cultivation in Haimchar is 105 hectares. Farmers usually cultivate potato, mustard, maize, chilli and other rabi crops at home. There is no cultivation in Faridganj.

Chandpur farmers are cultivating aman due to favorable climate, transportation facilities, farmers’ interest in mustard cultivation, provision of production technology by the agriculture department, improved communication system, availability of agricultural implements, advice of agriculturists on seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, agricultural loans from banks.

Correspondent:Abdul Ghoni, May 05,2020