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remedies for acidity

Some home remedies for acidity

Who doesn’t love to eat? But if it becomes a cause of discomfort after eating, then who likes it? No one can be found who has not suffered from the problem of acidity. Some suffer often, some suffer occasionally. Acidity mainly occured after eating spicy food.

However, if you follow some home remedies, you can stay free from acidity. Here are some home remedies.

1) Many people drink cold drinks if they have acidity. Folks, cold drinks will help digestion. But this is not the right idea at all. Even coffee should be avoided at this time.

2) You can get comfort by drinking hot water for a while.

3) If you have a tendency to have frequent acidity, it is better to eat banana and watermelon every day.You can also eat cucumber in such situations.

4) Coconut water has the ability to repair acidity. In case of sudden acidity, a glass of coconut water helps to relieve heartburn.

5) Even if you drink a glass of cold milk every day, this problem is reduced a lot. However, those who do not tolerate dairy foods (if there is lactose intolerance), they can avoid this way.

6) If you want to survive from acidity, you have to change the rules of eating. Especially dinner should be eaten at least two hours before going to bed.

6) Excessive drinking alchohol and smoking increases the risk of acidity. As a result, both habits need to be controlled.

6) Oily and fatty foods are one of the main causes of acidity. So you can avoid this type of food.

The best way to avoid acidity is to eat at the right time. It is important to keep fruits in your diet. And no matter how much fish-meat is your favorite food, you should also eat various kinds of vegetables.

News Room, August 01,2021