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To Keep Child At Risk Free You Can Do

To keep the child at risk free you can do.New coronavirus infections usually do not occur in young children and children are risk-free. But recent studies say different things. These studies suggest that children may also suffer from corona disease. However, they do have mild symptoms, with which the common flu cannot be distinguished. Children have other physical complications (eg: heart problems, type-1 diabetes, asthma, etc.). However, if corona-traumatized, their condition can have serious consequences. So children also need to be careful.

Infected children with Covid-19 are not ill but themselves spread the virus through them. So through them, senior members of the family (grandparents) and those at risk can get infected. Therefore, you should be careful if you have symptoms in children. However, without worrying about it, they have to take care of their home. This is because in children, the symptoms of infection are usually mild. Just be careful, do not spread the virus through them.

Children need to be taught how to cough and cough. However, it should be explained, not by bullying. At this time children should not be allowed to leave the house. They have to be kept out of contact with anyone coming from outside.

Older members of the household should be kept completely separate. Even if children are slightly ill for some reason, they cannot be allowed to go to their older relatives. Older parents do not even need to go to see the children.

However, separation can stress children’s minds. They may feel helpless, angry. So give them the opportunity to talk and spend time with grandparents, grandparents, via Whatsapp or messenger over the telephone, Skype.

Explain to your child why loved ones are being kept apart. Even inform parents in the event that they may need to be separated when needed.

Take fever for children who are at risk, such as childhood heart problems, asthma, or those suffering from type-1 diabetes, who are suffering from kidney or other diseases, such as steroids and other immune systems. Inform the physician and the authorities concerned if they are ill.

Author: Prof. Selim Shakur, Consultant, Department of Pediatrics and Neonatal, United Hospital,
March 29,2020